NewGlass2 PreTreat is a concentrated formulation designed to remove old wax, dirt, grime and previous applications of NewGlass2. It is a highly concentrated mixture and needs to be mixed with water. One quart of NewGlass2 PreTreat can be mixed with up to three quarts of water.

NewGlass2 PreTreat should be tested on painted and fiberglass surfaces before using extensively. Do not use on Auto Finishes.

Properly diluted PreTreat should be wiped on a wet surface to be cleaned. Use a medium heavy scrub pad to remove old wax and oxidation. Let stand for up to 1 minute before rinsing. Determine if surface coloring is even and that oxidation has been removed from colored fiberglass. Surface does not need to be shiny; surface does need to be evenly colored before application of NewGlass2. Please see "How2NewGlass2" for specific directions.

32oz bottle

Our Price: $14.95

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